Entry #10

Bad and Good news about Underworld series

2010-03-03 08:24:34 by shahryar89

Underworld 1 and 2 can't get to new grounds, because the graphics suck and the good news is you can watch Underworld 1 and 2 when you click on the site, but Underworld 2 hasn't came out yet.....

Bad and Good news about Underworld series


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2010-03-03 08:25:32

Please comment for this infor plz plz plz plz plz..................................


2010-03-03 11:06:05

A^2+B^2=C^2 the answer is (5)


2010-03-29 13:11:23

How long have you been working with flash?


2010-03-30 06:25:51

I worked a while and i am shahryar89 because forgot password ok dude


2010-03-30 06:35:33

Go this link to look at the progress of the series: http://shahryar444.newgrounds.com/new s/post/454189
And look on my art to see the characters of the series or the progress: http://shahryar444.newgrounds.com/art /