Halo 4 Trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2010-03-01 08:59:11 by shahryar89

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Halo 4 Trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2010-03-01 09:24:28

This is Halo 4!!! Trailer!!! and please plz plz plz comment for my Information/Info.........


2010-03-01 19:40:37

Its Fake, but its done very well, if you watch it closily you can see parts from Halo 3 Halo Wars and Halo Reach, Plus Halo Legends, I dont think they would annonce Halo 4 when they just relesed a trailer for reach..plus i thought Halo was supposed to end after reach

shahryar89 responds:

Yeah maybe your right and the owner has to make Halo 4, because people like halo.