Underworld series Charcters

2010-02-01 06:30:43 by shahryar89

I am going to show you about the people in underworld series, but i will tell u the names of them:
Leo (black skin, brown eyes, and holding a sword)
Joe (blue skin, blue eyes, and has nothing)
Brown (a cleaner of a house, black skin, wearing a farmer's hat, and has pistil and a rake behind his back)
Soldiers (Black or blue skin and have green glass helms like in Wanted series or Joe Zombie series)
Sam (black skin, red eyes, holding bombs, and owner of the underworld)
Underworld (it's not a person it is a world that is underground and has a large caslte large as a city and u get deeper in it)
This is going to be stick figure movie!!!

Underworld series Charcters


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2010-02-02 09:54:43

Please comment for this Information and this is going to be a Stick Figure Movie!


2010-06-17 02:10:21

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