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Underworld series

2010-01-18 08:29:20 by shahryar89

Dude i am going to make new series called "Underworld"!!!!!!!!!!! and i think i can't put the series onto stickpage and i will try to................... and here are.....
The parts are going to be like this:
Underworld 0 (Prologue)
Underworld 1 (Completed and not going to newgrounds}
Underworld 2 (in progress 10% and not going to newgrounds}
Underworld 3A (in progress 1%
Underworld 3B
Underworld 3C
Underworld 3D
Underworld 3E
Underworld 4A
Underworld 4B
Underworld 4C
Underworld 4D
Underworld 4E
Underworld 5 1/2
Underworld 5 2/2
Underworld 6
Underworld 7
Underworld 8 (1/3)
Underworld 8 (2/3)
Underworld 8 (3/3)
Underworld 9A
Underworld 9B
Underworld 9C
Underworld 9D
Underworld 9E
Underworld Rep.A
Underworld Rep.B
Underworld Rep.C
Underworld Rep.D1
Underworld Rep.D2
Underworld 10 pt.1
Underworld 10 pt.2
Underworld 10 pt.3
Underworld 10 pt.4
Underworld 10 pt.5
Underworld 11 (final)
Underworld 12 (finale might come out)
Underworld FAQS
Underworld Extras (maybe coming out)
Underworld Deleted scenes
Extra Info:
Rep: Repercussion
Info: Information
I hope you enjoy the series when it comes out.

The planning story: 67%
The whole series done: 1%
The thinking: 67%

Underworld series


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2010-01-18 08:30:24

Please comment for this information.


2010-01-19 20:30:36

Are you sure you can make that much

shahryar89 responds:

Yup but it will take very long i will maybe put trailers of these series!! k be patient!